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Greenleaf's Pierce 1: Beginning a Remodel

 The Pierce is a rather large 1/12 scale dollhouse, but by no means the largest the Greenleaf sells. Assembled, the dollhouse measures 36" wide X 25" deep X 33" high, so it's important to consider the dimensions of the doorway in the room in which you are assembling it, and stairs which may need to be navigated if you plan on moving it after assembly. Original packaging I purchased my Pierce almost fully assembled but undecorated from an acquaintance. She had assembled it about 10 or more years prior and stored it in a musty, damp basement. While it smelled moldy, and there were two mouse droppings, it had also been glued together with hot glue. I left some charcoal pieces in the house in an attempt to deodorize.  Also I used a bleach and water solution, applied with a damp cloth, to clean the wood of some slight mold and a great deal of dust. Dollhouse was put together by a previous owner The kit instructions do say to use hot glue, which my friend did to great effe